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  1. I Don’t Want to Hear It

    Can you use information provided by a prospective client against the person, even if they have been warned not to provide confidential information until an attorney/client relationship has been established?

    1 Answer 0% Correct

  2. You Show Me Your Cards, and I’ll Show You Mine

    What can you say about your clients when negotiating a lateral move to a new firm?

    169 Answers 16% Correct

  3. Will You Lend Me a Hand?

    Can pro bono work cause conflicts for you and your law firm?

    153 Answers 7% Correct

  4. If You Leave Me Now

    When a lawyer has a conflict, do any other lawyers in the firm have one, too?

    191 Answers 43% Correct

  5. A Matter of Life and Death

    What are your obligations when dealing with a suicidal client?

    162 Answers 42% Correct

  6. Lawyer Wellness, By the Numbers

    How much do you know about attorney wellness?

    36 Answers 100% Correct

  7. I Want a Piece of the Action

    What happens to a contingent fee when a lawyer must withdraw before the case is over?

    191 Answers 43% Correct

  8. I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For

    What are the disclosure obligations of a non-profit legal services organization to its donors?

    124 Answers 33% Correct

  9. There’s Something I Need to Tell You

    Do lawyers need to tell their clients about how to file a grievance?

    164 Answers 29% Correct

  10. I’ve Seen Fire and I’ve Seen Rain

    What are the ethical implications of a natural disaster?

    136 Answers 9% Correct