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  1. Say it Ain’t So

    Can you respond to negative online reviews written by clients?

    48 Answers 50% Correct

  2. I Feel Like We’re Missing Something

    What happens when the judge calls?

    84 Answers 32% Correct

  3. If You See Something, Say Something?

    When an attorney notices that another attorney’s substance abuse issues may be affecting their ability to practice law, do the ethics rules require them to do anything about it?

    140 Answers 30% Correct

  4. You Can’t Take It With You, Can You?

    Can lawyers departing a law firm to join another law firm take firm documents with them to the new firm?

    177 Answers 34% Correct

  5. I Don’t Want to Hear It

    Can you use information provided by a prospective client against the person, even if they have been warned not to provide confidential information until an attorney/client relationship has been established?

    173 Answers 15% Correct

  6. You Show Me Your Cards, and I’ll Show You Mine

    What can you say about your clients when negotiating a lateral move to a new firm?

    202 Answers 24% Correct

  7. Will You Lend Me a Hand?

    Can pro bono work cause conflicts for you and your law firm?

    179 Answers 7% Correct

  8. If You Leave Me Now

    When a lawyer has a conflict, do any other lawyers in the firm have one, too?

    211 Answers 43% Correct

  9. A Matter of Life and Death

    What are your obligations when dealing with a suicidal client?

    181 Answers 42% Correct

  10. Lawyer Wellness, By the Numbers

    How much do you know about attorney wellness?

    37 Answers 100% Correct