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  1. I'd Like to Correct the Record

    What can I do about negative online reviews?

    29 Answers 31% Correct

  2. That’s What Friends Are For

    24 Answers 33% Correct

  3. Sharing is Caring

    Does taking confidential information with you when you leave a firm and sharing, even if redacted, violate ethics rules?

    29 Answers 20% Correct

  4. The Threat is Real?

    Is that a threat?

    34 Answers 20% Correct

  5. Your Time is Up

    Flirting with limitations?

    24 Answers 20% Correct

  6. I Feel the Earth Move

    Too many clients?

    24 Answers 25% Correct

  7. A Piece of the Action

    Can legal fees be too creative?

    27 Answers 37% Correct

  8. You Picked a Fine Time to Leave Me, You Heel

    Breaking up is hard to do?

    31 Answers 19% Correct

  9. Jumping Ship

    Conflict or not?

    24 Answers 20% Correct

  10. I've Seen This Movie Before

    What is “generally known”?

    29 Answers 37% Correct