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  1. A Law Firm by Any Other Name . . .

    Law firms and trade names

    36 Answers 16% Correct

  2. I've Looked at Clouds from Both Sides Now

    Can law firms store firm files on the cloud?

    46 Answers 36% Correct

  3. Everybody’s Talkin’

    Can these attorneys make public statements about their case?

    34 Answers 23% Correct

  4. Let’s Make a Deal

    Can an attorney intentionally make false statements of fact in negotiations?

    50 Answers 22% Correct

  5. Yelp! I Need Somebody!

    How should this attorney navigate the ethical rules for social media reviews?

    40 Answers 15% Correct

  6. Hide? Or Seek?

    What authority must this attorney disclose to the court?

    35 Answers 31% Correct

  7. To File or Not to File? That is the Question

    What marketing materials must be submitted to the state bar for approval?

    43 Answers 20% Correct

  8. I’ve Got a Secret

    Must this attorney notify anyone of another attorney's suspected alcohol problem?

    24 Answers 33% Correct

  9. On the Basis of Sex

    What are the ethical rules concerning bias on the basis of sex in court?

    19 Answers 21% Correct

  10. You Can't Say That, Can You?

    What are my confidentiality obligations on social media?

    33 Answers 21% Correct