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  1. Let’s Not Give Them Something to Talk About

    What happens when a paralegal violates the rules?

    196 Answers 17% Correct

  2. Allow Me to Be Upfront With You

    Non-refundable fees and retainers - what's permissible?

    319 Answers 40% Correct

  3. A Peek Inside the Texas Lawyer's Creed

    How much do you know about the Texas Lawyer’s Creed?

    30 Answers 100% Correct

  4. When You Speak of Me, Speak Well

    Can you ask clients to post favorable online reviews?

    81 Answers 24% Correct

  5. I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For

    Do lawyers have a “duty to Google”?

    80 Answers 21% Correct

  6. Doctor, Doctor – Give Me the News

    Are lawyers also doctors?

    55 Answers 27% Correct

  7. A Peek Inside the State Commission on Judicial Conduct

    How much do you know about the State Commission on Judicial Conduct?

    13 Answers 100% Correct

  8. The Things We Do For Love

    Can your marriage to another attorney marriage cause client conflicts?

    35 Answers 8% Correct

  9. So Far Away

    What is required of out-of-state law firms to open a satellite office in Texas?

    26 Answers 30% Correct

  10. To Tell the Truth

    What do you do when a client lies in a deposition?

    17 Answers 47% Correct