Ethics Question of the Month

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  1. The Things We Do For Love

    Can your marriage to another attorney marriage cause client conflicts?

    22 Answers 9% Correct

  2. So Far Away

    What is required of out-of-state law firms to open a satellite office in Texas?

    18 Answers 27% Correct

  3. To Tell the Truth

    What do you do when a client lies in a deposition?

    9 Answers 44% Correct

  4. Be Careful What You Ask For

    What are your obligations when receiving online inquiries that contain confidential information?

    4 Answers 50% Correct

  5. Lawyer Discipline, By the Numbers

    How much do you know about the attorney grievance system?

    5 Answers 100% Correct

  6. Getting By With A Little Help From Your Friends

    Can a law firm mark up the hourly rates of non-firm attorneys?

    3 Answers 33% Correct

  7. Breaking Up is Hard to Do

    What happens if both husband and wife consult with the same family law firms, albeit at different times?

    5 Answers 60% Correct

  8. Take the Money and Run

    Does this client have a claim against an attorney for ethical violations?

    3 Answers 0% Correct

  9. Pay Me Now, Pay Me Later

    Can this appellate lawyer withdraw?

    3 Answers 33% Correct

  10. My Lips Are Sealed. Unless . . . .

    Can a lawyer reveal confidential information when a client is suffering from diminished mental capacity?

    4 Answers 25% Correct