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  1. Opening and Managing a Law Practice

    Whether a law student, newly licensed attorney, attorney in transition, or experienced attorney, “Opening and Managing a Law Practice” is an indispensable tool for any lawyer looking to run his or her own law practice or improve an existing one. It provides an overview of the preparation necessary to get a law practice off to a good start and includes checklists and worksheets to guide attorneys through the initial planning, implementation and ongoing management of their law practice. For lawyers not looking to start their own practice, the book provides guidelines for enhancing client development efforts in a professional and ethical manner.

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  2. A Guide to the Basics of Law Practice

    A must-have for any newly licensed attorney, the Guide examines the various roles lawyers play, from solo practitioner and government lawyer to private practitioner and in-house counsel and discusses the traits lawyers need for a successful practice in court. It also offers tips on client relationship management, provides legal malpractice basics, and examines “career killers,” such as stress, depression and substance abuse.

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  3. The Ethics Course

    This essential guide to ethical practice offers advice on navigating the attorney-client relationship, including a federal appeals court judge’s advice on what to do about the dishonest client. It also provides information on how to avoid being sued, ethical law practice management, and a briefing on the legal disciplinary system in Texas. “The Eleven Commandments of Professional Responsibility: Gallimaufry Secundum” is an entertaining but informative walk through basic ethical behavior for lawyers.

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