Editor(s): Beryl P. Crowley
Mitchel L. Winick
Edition: 6th
Publication Year: 2004

The Ethics Course – 6th Edition

The Ethics Course, Sixth Edition

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eBook Description

This essential guide to ethical practice offers advice on navigating the attorney-client relationship, including a federal appeals court judge’s advice on what to do about the dishonest client. It also provides information on how to avoid being sued, ethical law practice management, and a briefing on the legal disciplinary system in Texas. “The Eleven Commandments of Professional Responsibility: Gallimaufry Secundum” is an entertaining but informative walk through basic ethical behavior for lawyers.


This eBook is applicable within any legal specialty.

Bluebook Citation

The Ethics Course, (Beryl P. Crowley Mitchel L. Winick eds., 6th ed. 2004), from https://legalethicstexas.com/resources/ebooks/the-ethics-course/

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