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(Tex. R. Disciplinary P., reprinted in Tex. Govt Code Ann,. tit. 2, subtit. G app. (Vernon Supp. 1995)


The General Counsel of the State Bar shall, subject to the provisions of this Rule, serve as the Chief Disciplinary Counsel under these rules. If the Commission determines that the General Counsel of the State Bar should no longer function as the Chief Disciplinary Counsel, then the Commission shall notify the Board of such decision and, in the next succeeding fiscal year of the State Bar, funds shall be provided to the Commission sufficient for it to select and hire a lawyer as Chief Disciplinary Counsel and sufficient deputies and assistants as may be required to operate the disciplinary and disability system effectively and efficiently. The Commission’s determination must be made, if at all, and the notification herein provided must be given, if at all, during the months of January or February 1993, or during the same months of any odd numbered year thereafter. In such event, the Commission shall alone possess the right of selection, but nothing herein precludes its employment of the General Counsel or a member of the General Counsel’s staff for such positions.

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