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(Tex. R. Disciplinary P., reprinted in Tex. Govt Code Ann,. tit. 2, subtit. G app. (Vernon Supp. 1995)

X RESIGNATION IN LIEU OF DISCIPLINE 10.02 Response of Chief Disciplinary Counsel

The Chief Disciplinary Counsel shall, within twenty days after service upon him or her of a motion for resignation in lieu of discipline, file a response on behalf of the State Bar (acting through the Commission) stating whether the acceptance of the resignation is in the best interest of the public and the profession and setting forth a detailed statement of the Professional Misconduct with which the movant is charged. The movant may, within ten days after service of such response, withdraw the motion. If a motion to withdraw is not timely filed, the detailed statement of Professional Misconduct shall be deemed to have been conclusively established for all purposes.

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