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(Tex. R. Disciplinary P., reprinted in Tex. Govt Code Ann,. tit. 2, subtit. G app. (Vernon Supp. 1995)

VI PUBLIC INFORMATION AND ACCESS 6.02 Public and Media Inquiries

The Commission shall respond, as appropriate, to all public and media inquiries concerning the operation of the attorney professional disciplinary and disability system, but in so doing may not disclose information that is confidential or privileged. The Commission shall disclose, upon proper request, information in its custody or control that is neither confidential nor privileged. Any attorney may waive confidentiality and privilege as to his or her disciplinary record by filing an appropriate waiver on a form to be prescribed by the Commission. The Commission shall maintain complete records and files of all disciplinary and disability matters and compile reports and statistics to aid in the administration of the system.

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