Texas Rules of Disciplinary Procedure Back to Outline

(Tex. R. Disciplinary P., reprinted in Tex. Govt Code Ann,. tit. 2, subtit. G app. (Vernon Supp. 1995)


The following criteria are to be considered for participation in the program:

A. Respondent has not been disciplined within the prior three years.

B. Respondent has not been disciplined for similar conduct within the prior five years.

C. Misconduct does not involve misappropriation of funds or breach of fiduciary duties.

D. Misconduct does not involve dishonesty, fraud, or misrepresentation.

E. Misconduct did not result in substantial harm or prejudice to client or complainant.\

F. Respondent maintained cooperative attitude toward the proceedings. 

G. Participation is likely to benefit the Respondent and further the goal of protection of the public.

H. Misconduct does not constitute a crime that would subject the Respondent to compulsory discipline under Part VIII of these Rules.

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