Texas Rules of Disciplinary Procedure Back to Outline

(Tex. R. Disciplinary P., reprinted in Tex. Govt Code Ann,. tit. 2, subtit. G app. (Vernon Supp. 1995)


Competent and Diligent Representation 1.01 Guideline 15.04A

Scope and Objectives of Representation

1.02 (a)(b)

1.02 (c)(d)(e)(f)

1.02 (g)


Guideline 15.04A

Guideline 15.05A

Guideline 15.07

Communication 1.03 Guideline 15.04A
Fees 1.04 Guideline 15.07; 15.04E
Confidentiality of Information 1.05 Guideline 15.04C
Conflict of Interest: General Rule 1.06 Guideline 15.04D
Conflict of Interest: Intermediary 1.07 Guideline 15.04D
Conflict of Interest: Prohibited Transactions 1.08 Guideline 15.04D
Conflict of Interest: Former Client 1.09 Guideline 15.04D; 15.04C
Successive Government and Private Employment 1.10 Guideline 15.04D
Adjudicatory Official or Law Clerk 1.11 Guideline 15.04D
Organization as a Client 1.12 Guideline 15.04D
Conflicts: Public Interest Activities 1.13  Guideline 15.04D
Safekeeping Property 1.14 Guideline 15.04B

Declining or Termination Representation 1.15


Guideline 15.07 Guideline 15.04B
Advisor 2.01 Guideline 15.07
Evaluation for Use by Third Person 2.02 Guideline 15.07
Meritorious Claims and Contentions 3.01 Guideline 15.05B
Minimizing the Burdens and Delays of Litigation 3.02 Guideline 15.05B
Candor Toward the Tribunal 3.03 Guideline 15.05A
Fairness in the Adjudicatory Proceedings 3.04 Guideline 15.05B; 15.05A
Maintaining Impartiality of Tribunal 3.05 Guideline 15.05C
Maintaining Integrity of Jury System 3.06 Guideline 15.05C
Trial Publicity 3.07 Guideline 15.05B
Lawyer as Witness 3.08 Guideline 15.04D
Special Responsibilities of a Prosecutor 3.09 Guideline 15.05B; 15.06B
Advocate in Nonadjudicative Proceedings 3.10 Guideline 15.05B; 15.05C
Truthfulness in Statement to Others 4.01 Guideline 15.05A
Communication with One Represented by Counsel 4.02 Guideline 15.05C
Dealing with Unrepresented Person 4.03 Guideline 15.05C
Respect for Rights of Third Persons 4.04 Guideline 15.05B
Responsibilities of a Partner or Supervisory Lawyer 5.01 Guideline 15.07
Responsibilities of a Supervised Lawyer 5.02 Guideline 15.07
Responsibilities Regarding Nonlawyer Assistants 5.03 Guideline 15.07
Professional Independence of a Lawyer 5.04 Guideline 15.07; 15.04D
Unauthorized Practice of Law 5.05 Guideline 15.07
Restrictions on Right to Practice 5.06 Guideline 15.07
Prohibited Discriminatory Activities 5.08 Guideline 15.05B
Accepting Appointments by a Tribunal 6.01 Guideline 15.07
Firm Names and Letterhead 7.01 Guideline 15.07
Communications Concerning a Lawyer’s Services 7.02 Guideline 15.07
Prohibited Solicitations and Payments 7.03 Guideline 15.07
Advertisements in the Public Media 7.04 Guideline 15.07
Prohibited Written, Electronic, or Digital Solicitation 7.05 Guideline 15.07
Prohibited Employment 7.06 Guideline 15.07
Filing Requirements for Public Advertisements and Written, Recorded, Electronic, or Other Digital Solicitations 7.07 Guideline 15.07
Bar Admission, Reinstatement, and Disciplinary Matters 8.01 Guideline 15.07
Judicial and Legal Officials 8.02 Guideline 15.07
Reporting Professional Misconduct 8.03 Guideline 15.07








Guideline 15.04 – 15.08

15.06A 1

5.04E; 15.05A




Jurisdiction 8.05 Guideline: None
Severability 9.01 Guideline: None


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