Hard Knocks in Little Rock

45 minutes
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Steven Clark was at the top of his career as a state Attorney General when an ethics scandal changed everything. Learn how his fall from grace led to powerful insights about the importance of ethics in an attorney’s daily life.

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Course Description

Mr. Clark served as the Arkansas Attorney General from 1979 to 1990, at that time he was the youngest attorney general ever elected to office.  In 1990, he announced that he would challenge then-Governor Bill Clinton's re-election bid.  Within days of his announcement, Mr. Clark’s career took a rocky turn and he was indicted and later convicted on felony theft charges.  Mr. Clark found himself in a place he never thought he would be and without the thing he loved most, a license to practice law.  In this online course, he shares the story of his political rise, his fall from grace, and his resolve to appreciate life and rise again.


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