September 2011

Diversity Increasing in Federal Judiciary

There was a time not long ago when the word “judge” conjured up an image of a gray-haired white male, as the vast majority of courtroom judges (and in movies, for that matter) fit that description.

Posted: 9/30/2011 2:10:47 PM by On the Merits Editor | with 0 comments

Judicial Conference Moves to Keep Court Proceedings Public

The Judicial Conference of the United States recently took steps to limit the civil cases in which entire court records are sealed.

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Texas Lawyers Step Up to Assist Victims of Wildfires

There is no shortage of media insinuations that lawyers are a greedy bunch, but the public too rarely hears about all the good that lawyers do.  So kudos to the Austin Bar Association, the State Bar of Texas, Texas RioGrande Legal Aid and a number of other lawyer organizations that have leapt into action to assist the huge number of people who have been victims of the rampant wildfires across Texas.  

Posted: 9/8/2011 2:20:03 PM by On the Merits Editor | with 2 comments

No, You Can't Befriend the Defendant, Either . . .

The right to trial by jury has been with us since the nation was founded, but there are times when its role as an impartial finder of fact is tested by developments that the Founding Fathers could not even begin to imagine

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