The Dallas Morning News Recognizes the Outstanding Work of the Texas Bar Foundation

One legitimate lawyer complaint about media's coverage of our profession is the lack of attention to the good things that lawyers do.  That is why the The Dallas Morning News deserves special kudos for giving a thumbs up to the Texas Bar Foundation in recognition of the group's fine work on behalf of our justice system. 

The Foundation recently made a generous grant designed to ensure that the legal system keeps up with the latest scientific techniques that can be employed to determine the guilt or innocence of criminal defendants.  Says The Morning News:

There’s more to exonerating the innocent than testing DNA. In fact, the surge of DNA exonerations, led nationwide by Dallas County’s 22 and counting, has revealed numerous flaws in the conviction process that can exist in cases without any DNA evidence to be tested. What if other types of forensic science have evolved to the point that they can set innocent prisoners free? The Texas Bar Foundation has awarded the Innocence Project of Texas a $20,000 grant to explore that very question — to review the processes and methodology used to gather and present forensic evidence. Science is constantly improving, and this grant will help those committed to justice keep up.

The Texas Bar Foundation is funded by the voluntary donations of Texas lawyers and is the largest charitably-funded bar foundation in the country.  Its mission, according to its website, is to provide   

funding to enhance the rule of law and the system of justice in Texas, especially for programs that relate to the administration of justice; ethics in the legal profession; legal assistance for the needy; the encouragement of legal research, publications and forums; and the education of the public.

Since its inception, the Foundation has provided over $12 million for these purposes.  Why can't we read about that a little more often?      

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