Offer and Acceptance

Prominent Fort Worth attorney Mimi Coffey enjoys a high profile at the Tarrant County criminal courthouse based on her use of prominent billboards to advertise her DWI defense practice. Her marketing acumen impressed her boyfriend, who apparently decided that what’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

Coffey told The Fort Worth Star-Telegram that she thought she was set to celebrate the one-year anniversary of her relationship with her boyfriend on a recent Saturday night, but figured something was up when he asked her to turn off her cell phone and wear a blindfold during their drive to an undisclosed location. Coffey told the newspaper that she eventually found herself standing in an empty parking lot at a local gun store when her blindfold was removed. That’s when she saw a digital billboard overhead with a photo of her and her boyfriend along with the message “I love you Mimi. Will you marry me?”

After joking that she needed more time to consider the proposal, Coffey accepted her boyfriend’s high-flying offer on the spot. The ad, which has since been replaced, continued to run for the remainder of the week with a new message that read: "She said yes! Mimi you have made me the luckiest man ever!"

Lucky, indeed. There aren’t many lawyers who would allow anyone to drive them around blindfolded with no explanation.   


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