Lawyers' Duties to Lawyers


Lawyers bear a responsibility to conduct themselves with dignity towards and respect for each other, for the sake of maintaining the effectiveness and credibility of the system they serve. The duty that lawyers owe their clients and the system can be most effectively carried out when lawyers treat each other honorably.

  1. Counsel will treat each other and all parties with respect.

  2. Counsel will not unreasonably withhold consent to a reasonable request for cooperation or scheduling accommodation by opposing counsel.

  3. Counsel will not request an extension of time solely for the purpose of unjustified delay.

  4. Counsel will be punctual in communications with opposing counsel.

  5. Counsel will not make personal attacks on opposing counsel or parties.

  6. Counsel will not attribute bad motives or improper conduct to other counsel without good cause, or make unfounded accusations of impropriety.

  7. Counsel will not lightly seek court sanctions.

  8. Counsel will adhere to oral or written promises and agreements with other counsel.

  9. Counsel will neither ascribe to another counsel or party a position that counsel or the party has not taken, nor seek to create an unjustified inference based on counsel's statements or conduct.

  10. Counsel will not attempt to obtain an improper advantage by manipulation of margins and type size in a manner to avoid court rules regarding page limits.

  11. Counsel will not serve briefs or other communications in a manner or at a time that unfairly limits another party's opportunity to respond.

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