11.05 Relevant Factors to be Considered


In determining the petitioner’s fitness for reinstatement, in addition to any other relevant matters, the trial court may consider:

A. Evidence concerning the nature and degree of Professional Misconduct for which the petitioner was disbarred or resigned and the circumstances attending the offenses.

B. The petitioner’s understanding of the serious nature of the acts for which he or she was disbarred or resigned.

C. The petitioner’s conduct during the Disciplinary Proceeding and Disciplinary Action.

D. The profit to the petitioner and the hardship to others.

E. The petitioner’s attitude toward the administration of justice and the practice of law.

F. The petitioner’s good works and other accomplishments.

G. Any other evidence relevant to the issues of the petitioner’s fitness to practice law and the likelihood that the petitioner will not engage in further misconduct.


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