11.01 Eligibility and Venue


A disbarred person or a person who has resigned in lieu of discipline may, at any time after the expiration of five years from the date of final judgment of disbarment or the date of Supreme Court order accepting resignation in lieu of discipline, petition the district court of the county of his or her residence for reinstatement; provided, however, that no person who has been disbarred or resigned in lieu of discipline by reason of conviction of or having been placed on probation without an adjudication of guilt for an Intentional Crime or a Serious Crime, is eligible to apply for reinstatement until five years following the date of completion of sentence, including any period of probation and/or parole. If, at the time the petition for reinstatement is filed, the disbarred person or person who has resigned in lieu of discipline is a nonresident of the State of Texas, then the petition shall be filed in Travis County, Texas.

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