3.02 Assignment of Judge


Upon receipt of a Disciplinary Petition, the Clerk of the Supreme Court of Texas shall promptly bring the Petition to the attention of the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court shall promptly appoint an active district judge who does not reside in the Administrative Judicial District in which the Respondent resides to preside in the case and the Clerk of the Supreme Court shall transmit a copy of the Supreme Court's appointing order to the Chief Disciplinary Counsel. Should the judge so appointed be unable to fulfill the appointment, he or she shall immediately notify the Clerk of the Supreme Court, and the Supreme Court shall appoint a replacement judge. The judge appointed shall be subject to objection, recusal or disqualification as provided by law. The objection, motion seeking recusal or motion to disqualify must be filed by either party not later than sixty days from the date the Respondent is served with the Supreme Court’s order appointing the judge. In the event of objection, recusal or disqualification, the Supreme Court shall appoint a replacement judge within thirty days.

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