2.24 No Supersedeas


An Evidentiary Panel’s order of disbarment cannot be superseded or stayed. The Respondent may within thirty days from entry of judgment petition the Evidentiary Panel to stay a judgment of suspension. The Respondent carries the burden of proof by preponderance of the evidence to establish by competent evidence that the Respondent’s continued practice of law does not pose a continuing threat to the welfare of Respondent’s clients or to the public. An order of suspension must be stayed during the pendency of any appeals therefrom if the Evidentiary Panel finds that the Respondent has met that burden of proof. An Evidentiary Panel may condition its stay upon reasonable terms, which may include, but are not limited to, the cessation of any practice found to constitute Professional Misconduct, or it may impose a requirement of an affirmative act such as an audit of a Respondent’s client trust account.

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