All opinions of the Committee on Professional Ethics are available online here.  To locate a specific opinion or opinions, enter the opinion number or keyword in the appropriate search box below. Licensed attorneys may also call 877-953-5535 for access to opinions

The Committee on Professional Ethics issues opinions pursuant to Tex. Gov’t. Code §81.091- 81.095.  §81.091(a) states that “[t]he committee shall, either on its own initiative or when requested to do so by a member of the state bar, express its opinion on the propriety of professional conduct other than on a question pending before a court of this state.”   The nine members of the Committee are appointed by the Supreme Court of Texas.

  • Opinion 3

    Canon: 24, 39
    Opinion #: 3
    Cite: 18 Baylor L. Rev. 196 (1966)
    Date: April 1947

    Whether the following words on the back of the card of Texas lawyer violates one or more of the Texas Canons of Ethics, to-wit: "SAFETY THOUGHTS" "Wills save worry. Contracts save rights. Abstracts show records only. Lawyers show the title. Titles save trouble. A lawyer in each deal Saves rights and weal."

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  • Opinion 2

    Canon: 24, 39, 41, 42
    Opinion #: 2
    Cite: 18 Baylor L. Rev. 195 (1966)
    Date: December 1946

    Whether the following ad in the Texas Bar Journal violates one or more of the Canons of Ethics, to wit: "TO MEMBERS OF THE BAR RE: LATIN-AMERICAN BUSINESS Do you need a Spanish-speaking lawyer to travel to any Latin-American country for you or your client on a per case or per diem basis? Qualifications: 1. I have practiced law in Austin for 8 years; 2. Have spent 18 years in Latin-American countries; 3. Was Special Assistant to the U.S. Ambassador in Chile from 1942 to 1945; 4. Speak, write and read Spanish and English equally well; and 5. Am familiar with the legal systems of Latin-American countries, their governments and their people. References: The lawyers of Travis County."

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  • Opinion 1

    Canon: 6, 31
    Opinion #: 1
    Cite: 18 Baylor L. Rev. 195 (1966)
    Date: December 1946

    A member of the State Bar of Texas, who is also a district clerk, inquires whether he can "represent a few clients in minor legal matters such as probate work, drafting a will, deeds, etc., and in the event a friend wishes me to represent him or her in such matters as divorce proceedings. I would like to take the case and call upon some friendly attorney to assist me in prosecution of such causes. I am sure I would not wish to practice law on the District Courts of this county if I could but in some cases I would like to go ahead and call upon some friendly attorney to assist me. I would not wish to do active trial practice."

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